Oven Cleaning in Perth, Western Australia

The Oven is one of the most used yet the hardest to clean appliance of all. Book an Oven Cleaning in Perth with us and enjoy a Sparkling Clean and bacteria free oven.

We will clean your oven from top to bottom using only eco-Friendly and 100% Non-Toxic Cleaning Products. This means that you can use for oven right after the cleaning.

The Service includes:

  • Cleaning of the entire oven inside and out
  • Cleaning of the oven doors and glass
  • Cleaning of the area around the oven
  • Cleaning any grease,stains and carbon build up will be effectively removed from your oven without damaged

BBQ Cleaning

Perth provides the ultimate cleaning service for your BBQ. We use environment-friendly, rust-free and non-caustic products which ensure safety and hygiene for your family members. We give the appliances a thorough wash with hot water after cleaning so that they are ready to be used immediately after we have finished our work. We clean o BBQs in residential as well as commercial properties. The process involves removing the grease and burnt carbon deposits from the grill and inner surfaces. Our fully insured and police verified cleaners provide the highest standard of service and make your BBQ odour and germ-free.

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